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Stupid ways to earn

As we know, many young mans every years wants to quickly become rich. They believes, that they are smarter than their parents and colleagues from school and studies. They reads many articles about making money without specialized knowledge, years of experience and contacts in the business world. They claims, that one single action like build popular website, writing a book, buying actions of young firm. They expect, that after this, they will travel around the world and living from passive income. But reality always shows, that this is stupid thinking, because this way of earning don’t work, so is stupid.

But why this don’t work? When we read articles about income without work, everything looks very simple and logic. Where is problem?

Problem is in information. Things aren’t easy like people claims. For example writing books – to write interesting one, writer must spend years on writing bad stories. Also, to write something interesting, people need interesting life – must work in different places, know many people, travel and be hungry of new experiences. How many twenty years old knows life good enough, to write something smart?

So better idea is start from the basics – go to studies, learn how to programming, go to job, write stuff for companies, like core banking software and learn something about life, meet new people, make contacts.