Corporate software - Part 2

Banks are more and more useful

Banks are of use for each company but sometimes also for a single person, ordinary man or woman in the street, interested in technics and wanting to have more modern solutions that other people. Nobod Read more

Currency of Banking Isn’t Dollars – It’s Trust

When five of the world’s biggest banks were busted this week for manipulating the cost of dollars and euros, they did more than violate antitrust laws. They violated the public trust. Read more

Customers rule the market every day

Customers are important in the market because they choose products and services of the best quality and conveniently priced. They are really helpful and useful in the longer run. Moreover, they put Read more

3 reasons why we should all be excited to celebrate community banks

Here are three reasons community banks across the country should be patting themselves on the back:

Creating local economic stability
Small businesses depend heavily on small, Read more

Reports, analysis and sales – every day in the company

Reports and analyses are prepared by each company. They must be prepared and presented in the market. Without them nobody could be satisfied. Working for a company is the best thing all over the world. Reports must be prepa Read more

Five questions on: Switching current accounts

It’s too difficult to switch bank accounts. How can I find out which is the right current account for me? This week a new, Treasury- backed business banking comparison service c Read more