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Online services need protections

When we uses online services, we don’t think about technical side. For us is enough that Facebook or Amazon are working. Rather we spotlight interface – we are irritated, when we can’t find button. But technical side is more important than that we see. Is that, because it is responsible for sending information, data storage and safety. When something is untidy designed, then we can’t expect that everything will work without breaks and information about us will be safe.

For example, when we or our agents uses insurance agent portal, then application working in cloud is vulnerable on attacks. There are sensitive information about us like state of health, earnings, family. We don’t need any leaks, but there are group of business, that wants it. When unfair companies knows about our diseases, then may sending to us unwanted information about cure. If it is working cure, is not bad, but in most situation it will be placebo or tablet with sugar. Also they may use this knowledge about us to manipulate us. If disease is serious, creates many problems and is incurable, then many people are open to suggestion and naive. Also we may be victim of cheaters.

So when we make account on Facebook or others websites, where we may put information about us, we must be sure, that service is protected and honest. It must implement the newest cyber security software. Without this, we must resign, because today we have age of information and all data, that we post on Internet (not only on social networks, but also in specialized portals and applications working in cloud) may be used as regular product.