Corporate software

Management has different faces

Companies are helpful for customers. They concentrate on some topics and tasks that must be performed by the people. They must be good for each customer and each person. We know about it as well Read more

Will Windows 10 change anything in economy?

Since many years situation on PC market is stable, whats may mean that crisis may be very close to us. Premiere of new Windows is very important for core banking system because many of big banks has shares in IT sector and new operating systems may mean not only increase of sale of new devices but a Read more

Software and hardware as tools

Presently companies can take advantage of many services offered by IT sector especially for them. There are for instance some IT services such as bank software, banking software. Banking s Read more

Online services need protections

When we uses online services, we don’t think about technical side. For us is enough that Facebook or Amazon are working. Rather we spotlight interface – we are irritated, when we Read more

Customers are crucial topic in the company

Customers or consumers, as some people say, are important for companies. They create so-called added value and are of highest priority. People concentrate on their needs in order to satisfy cust Read more

Stupid ways to earn

As we know, many young mans every years wants to quickly become rich. They believes, that they are smarter than their parents and colleagues from school and studies. They reads many articles about making money without specialized knowledge, years of experience and contacts in the business world. The Read more